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The Myriam Joly Method

Be whom I want when I want

Overcoming stage fright & nerves

Being at ease in public

Take the test!

The Myriam Joly Method


General Public


  Take the test!  

Do you recognize yourself in these statements?

  • I would like to understand why I lose my composure at crucial moments (exams, auditions, concerts, interviews…)

  • I would like to dare to be myself

  • I’m curious to learn about efficient self-calming methods

  • I have a hard time staying concentrated for very long

  • I’m afraid to face unknown situations

  • I become flustered when others speak sharply to me

  • I’m afraid of disappointing those around me

  • I find it easy to criticize myself

  • I’m bothered by embarrassing physical displays before or during public appearances


Your Test Results

1 to 2 "YES"  

You don’t need the Myriam Joly method

2 to 5 "YES"    You would certainly improve your self-control by practicing the Myriam Joly method
6+ "YES" Don’t delay in choosing one of the package offers!  The Myriam Joly method will help you transform your stage fright into confidence, ease and success!


  The Myriam Joly Method  


An avant-garde teaching method which:

  • Efficiently treats problems connected with stage fright and nerves: panic, inability to communicate, nervous tension, anxiety, stress...due to fear of public appearances.

  • Anticipates unpleasant effects (both slightly or significantly handicapping) from 7 years old onward.

  • Overcomes instances of feeling blocked due to:

    - concentration problems

    - disturbing strong emotional reactions

    - embarrassing physical  displays

  • Assists individuals with strengthening or acquiring ease in front of others.


  • Situational role-plays to create greater self-awareness

  • Novel techniques with immediate results, easy to reproduce on a daily basis

  • Acquiring new knowledge and know-how, confirmed by neuroscience

  • Totally new auto-analysis procedures


  • Establishing an inner state of calm, relaxation, and balance

  • Feeling centered, confident, comfortable and functional in any circumstance


The Myriam Joly 5P Method

PRECISION  You specifically target the tools which are best adapted for your needs
PROFOUND You transform your style of being and living
PERENNIAL What you will learn will stay with you forever
PERFORMANCE  Your objectives are achieved in optimal fashion
PLEASURE  You will feel the satisfaction of your controlled attitude in any situation


Install confidence and ease on stage
Prepare efficiently for a competition, concert or show
Be proactive right from the start of your artistic training


  • any category:  passionate amateur, pre- or confirmed professional

  • any style:  classic, lyric, variety, modern music, jazz

  • any age: from 7 years old onward.


Package offers
  • Individual consultation (approx. 90 mins)

  • Group workshop (3 hours)

  • Personalized coaching (by estimate)

  • Express advisory session (30 mins)

  • Customized pedagogical program (reserved for artistic establishments)

  General Public  

Feel serenity and ease despite disturbing conditions
Learn as early as possible simple, concrete and efficient techniques


  • In any circumstance:  driver’s license test, job interview, speech, conference, romantic date, school and university exams, athletic competitions…

  • Prevention: be educated about self-control right from childhood


Package offers

  • Individual consultation (approx. 90 mins)

  • Express advisory session (30 mins)

  • Group workshop (3 hours)

  • On-demand customized training program

With more than 25 years of professional artistic and therapeutic experience for a wide public in the PACA region, Myriam has applied her creativity and innate analytical finesse to developing innovative pedagogy for overcoming stage fright.  Since 1994, this has been successfully tested at the Cannes CRD where she has practiced.

Entirely devoted to disseminating her methods, she will carefully guide you in achieving your objectives.

No matter the situation or circumstance, you can apply her customized solutions to acquire a clear mind, a peaceful heart and a dynamic appearance.


Training locations

In offices, at home, locations to be determined, in artistic spaces (music, dance and theatre schools and conservatories), cultural centers, operas.

Alpes-Maritimes, Bouches-du-Rhône, Var, Monaco


Myriam Joly

Professor of mastering stage fright & nervousness
Coach - Consultant

Pianist – certified choir master/vocal coach
Certified IRDC Vittoz psycho-practitioner

Myriam speaks English

06 14 37 98 40

Auto entreprise - N° SIRET : 753 655 901 00019 - APE 8559B

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